The Missing and Unexplained Podcast

Ryan Shtuka - Episode 4 - Green Dinosaurs

December 14, 2020 Tyler Hooper Season 1 Episode 4
The Missing and Unexplained Podcast
Ryan Shtuka - Episode 4 - Green Dinosaurs
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The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are that of the creator and do not necessarily reflect that of any of the guests on this show. Assumptions or commentary made in the analysis are not reflective of the position of any entity other than the creator – and, since I am a critically-thinking human being, these views are always subject to change, revision, correction, or rethinking at any time.


In this fourth episode I talk to Corporal Jennifer Sparkes, a missing persons investigator from the RCMP, and I continue my talk with editor of Sun Peaks Independent News, Jean Strong, and Heather, about what may have happened to Ryan. This is the last episode (for now) on the disappearance of Ryan Shtuka. 


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Intro/Outro Music: Premium Beat, Dark Woods by Colorfilm Music
VO Music: Epidemic Sound, Blue Adrian by 369
Artwork: Photo from Unsplash (Shapelined), design by Tyler Hooper 
Writing, Producing, Interviewing, and Editing: Tyler Hooper
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(Cont.) Ryan Shtuka - Episode 4 - Green Dinosaurs