The Missing and Unexplained Podcast

Kris "Sherpa" Fowler - Episode 4 - To the Brink

June 30, 2021 Tyler Hooper Season 2 Episode 4
The Missing and Unexplained Podcast
Kris "Sherpa" Fowler - Episode 4 - To the Brink
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In this final episode I look at another disappearance on the PCT, and I discuss some possible sightings of Kris and the theories surrounding his disappearance.

I want to thank everyone who took part in this series and helped bring Kris' story to life. I want to especially thank Sally for taking so much time to talk to me and being open to this series. I hope we bring Kris home soon. 

If you know anything about Kris' disappearance, please contact the Yakima County Sheriff's office at 509-574-2500.

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(Cont.) Kris "Sherpa" Fowler - Episode 4 - To the Brink